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Young Investor: Exploring the World of Stocks

             As part of our education program, I am excited to announce a comprehensive 12-week practical course on investments and trading designed for students in 8th grade and above. 

During the course, students will engage in a 6-week portfolio building exercise to create their tailored investment plan. In addition, we will introduce swing and day trading, which require more supervision from parents, if students wish to pursue them.

To be eligible for the course, parents must open a brokerage account for their children and share ONLY paper account access. The course fee is $300, and access to our software will be provided for 12 weeks as part of this course.

Please read the agreement and course details and contact me to reserve your seats and learn about the next steps.

Looking forward to embarking on this exciting journey your children....


Contact me thru WhatsApp message @ 562.233.3092

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